Savings Accounts


Saving is more than just dropping spare change into a piggybank. It’s having a cushion for emergencies or reaching for a goal. An On Tap Credit Union Savings Account gives you security, grows faster and is your access to credit union membership.

Your savings account, also called a share account, represents your On Tap Credit Union membership. Every member gets a basic savings account with a required minimum deposit of $25. The money is yours and stays in your account to encourage future savings. Savings account dividends are calculated daily from the date of deposit to the date of withdrawal and are paid monthly.

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Open a Savings Account

Save for Something Special

Have a dream that needs funding? It’s easier to set cash aside for something special when it’s separate from your regular savings. To make savings even more painless setup automatic deposits or automatic transfers into your On Tap Credit Union Specialty Savings account.

“You Name It” Savings Account

The “You Name It” Savings Account is a secondary savings account that you can customize to your special purpose by naming it. Examples may include “Timmy’s College Fund”, “Suzie’s New Car”, or “John and Amy’s House.” The “You Name It” account requires no minimum deposit. Dividends are earned and compounded quarterly.

Holiday Club Accounts

The Holiday Club Account is an annual program that helps you save for the holiday season. Open this account with no minimum deposit. Your deposits are accumulated throughout the year and then on November 1, we’ll return your savings, plus dividends, to you—just in time for the holidays! Dividends are earned and compounded quarterly based on your average daily balance.

Build a Dream Savings Club

This special savings club helps members succeed with their goals by paying a premium rate on balances up to $3,000. With a one-year maturity, members can choose a maturity date that coincides with a savings goal. Dividends are compounded and credited monthly. Early withdrawal penalties may apply.