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Online Banking & Bill Pay
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General and Business Membership Fee Schedule

Effective: January 1, 2018
General and Business Membership
Minimum Membership Share:
Account Closure Fee:
Inactivity Fee:
Escheat Fee:
Paper Statement Fee:
General Money Market & Share Excessive Withdrawals (>6 per month)1:
Business Money Market & Share Excessive Withdrawals (>6 per month)1:
Current Fee
$25 if closed within six (6) months
$5 per month - After twelve (12) months of inactivity
The lesser of $25 or 2% of remitted funds
$10 per statement
$5 per excessive withdrawal
$25 per excessive withdrawal
General Service
Stop Payment (ACH and Check):
ACH Origination Fee:
Official Checks:
Cashier's Checks:
Money Orders
Prepaid Visa Gift Cards:
Returned Mail Processing:
Account Printout
Statement Copy Fee:
Account Reconciliation or Research:
Garnishment/Levy/Collection Item Fee:
Deposit Item Correction Fee:
Foreign Deposit Item Processing:
Check or Card Payment by Phone or Online up to $399.99:
Check or Card Payment by Phone or Online $400 and over:
Current Fee
$31 per item
$10 Per Transaction
First one (1) free, then $1 per check
$4 per check
$2 per item
$3 per item
$5 per month
$2 per item
$10 per statement
$25 per hour with 1 hour minimum
$50 per item
$10 per deposit
$60 per item
$15 per payment
$25 per payment
Wire Transfer
Domestic Wire, Outgoing:
Domestic Wire, Incoming:
International Wire, Outgoing:
International Wire, Incoming :
Current Fee
$25 per item
$10 per item
$45 per item
$10 per item
Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF)/Overdraft
Privilege Pay Clearing2:
Automated Clearing House (ACH) NSF:
NSF Returned Check:
Return Deposited Item:
Return Deposited Item Against Self:
Overdraft Transfer From Share:
Overdraft Transfer From Loan:
Current Fee
$31 per item
$31 per presentment
$31 per presentment
$10 per item
$31 per item
$2.50 per transfer
No fee
Personal Checking
Counter Checks:
Check Printing Fees:
Check Copy Fee:
Current Fee
$2 per sheet of four (4)
Prices will vary
$10 per item
ATM and Card Access
ATM Fee:
ATM Deposit Adjustment:
ATM Return Check Fee:
ATM Return Check Fee If Drawn On Self:
Card Replacement Fee:
Expedited Card Replacement Fee:
Debit Card Privilege Pay Fee2:
Foreign Transaction Fee:
Current Fee
None – machine fees may apply
$10 per item
$10 per item/$31 if drawn on self
$31 per item
$10 per card
At cost
$31 per item
1% of the purchase price in addition to the currency exchange rate fee

**Please see the Credit Card Disclosure for fees associated with credit card accounts.

1. For Share and You Name It Accounts, no more than six (6) preauthorized, automatic, telephone or Online Banking transfers may be made to another account of yours, or to a third party in any month. If you exceed these limitations, your account will be subject to a fee and may be closed.

2. A Privilege Pay Fee is imposed for paid overdrafts created by checks, in-person withdrawals, ATM withdrawals and ACH or other electronic means.

These fees are accurate as of the Effective Date indicated. If you have questions or require current fee information on your account(s), please call On Tap Credit Union® at 303-279-6414 or 1-800-770-6414.

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