Teen Checking Account


LEARN How to Properly Manage Your Money on Your Own

Teens have a lot of expenses - movies, music, food and clothes, and loads of other needs. This is the perfect time to learn how to manage money while mom and dad can still help out.

Your First Checking Account

  • Teens ages 13 through 17 years old can open a checking account with a parent’s/gaurdian's signature. This full-service account includes all of the features of the Free Checking Account.
  • No monthly service charge
  • No minimum balance
  • No check writing limits
  • No ATM fees at thousands of CO-OP ATMs
  • Free MasterCard® debit check card
  • Free online banking
  • Free bill pay
  • Free mobile banking
  • Free eStatements

Mile High Debit Card

Using a debit card frees you from worrying about having enough cash when you’re out with friends or running errands. With a debit card you can access the funds in Your First Checking Account through ATMs or direct purchases. The best thing about the Mile High debit card is that it’s not a credit card because the money comes directly out of your checking account so you will be kept free of any debt.

Use your Mile High debit card free of charge at any On Tap Credit Union ATM or ATM’s nationwide with the CO-OP Network to withdraw cash, transfer funds, or obtain balance information on your account(s).

  • It's accepted anywhere MasterCard® is accepted
  • Purchases clear through your checking account and appear in an easy to read format on your monthly statement
  • There are no fees!

Crisp Cash ATM-Only Card

If mom and dad aren’t sure that you’re ready for a debit card quite yet, there is always the ATM-only option of our Crisp Cash ATM cards. The Crisp Cash card allows you to simply withdraw cash from your On Tap Credit Union account at no charge from any On Tap Credit Union ATM, or ATM’s with the CO-OP Network on them. This way, it’s only cash you’re carrying around with no worry of spending too much and possibly withdrawing too much from your account. It helps you to learn how to manage the money you have in your pocket before managing money you don’t readily see, like with a debit or credit card.

And the cool thing about Crisp Cash cards is you can choose between a snowboarder or Columbine flower image!

Getting Paid Electronically

Automatic Allowance
Your parents can set up an automatic transfer from their account to yours. Your allowance is instantly available for you to write checks, withdraw at an ATM, or for use with your debit card.

Direct Deposit
If you have a job ask your employer if they offer direct deposit. Direct deposit puts your paycheck directly into your checking account saving you a trip to the credit union.

Protect Yourself

If you make a math mistake or forget to write down a transaction it can really mess up your account. You might even write checks for more money than is in your account. To keep from being charged overdraft or bounced check fees, you need Overdraft Protection. You can assign a savings account to cover overdrafts or apply for an Overdraft Protection Line-of-Credit. You'll need your parents to help you signup if you are under 18.

What’s in it For You


Prepare them for their future
You understand that part of your job as a parent is to prepare your child to live on his or her own. The Teen Checking Account allows them the opportunity to manage their money in a safe environment that you can also monitor.

Keep a watchful eye
As a joint owner on our child’s account you’ll have rights to view transaction information. That way you’ll be informed and able to assist your child in mastering this new skill.

Feel confident knowing they're protected
Teens are likely to make mistakes when learning how to manage a checking account. Fortunately we’ve got a few options for Overdraft Protection to help safeguard your teen’s account.


Achieve Independence
A checking account is the one financial product all adults use. Learning to manage money through Your First Checking Account prepares you for adulthood.

Learn to manage your money
Your First Checking Account gives you the power to decide how to manage your money. It also helps you get used to dealing with “virtual money” like check, debit card and ATM transactions.

Enjoy the convenience
Your First Checking Account is loaded with features that make spending and saving easy. For example, your parents can electronically transfer your allowance into your account. You don’t need to carry wads of cash when you use a debit check card. And, you can keep track of your account frequently with online banking. Learning to use all of these tools will make managing your account a breeze.