Courtesy Pay


DREAM of Courtesy and Forgiveness from Your Credit Union

If we all take care of each other the world will be a better place. Courtesy Pay is one way we help members avoid insufficient fund hassles. In qualified instances, we’ll pay overdrafts up to an approved limit for one low fee per overdraft transaction.

With Courtesy Pay you:

  • Won’t pay merchant returned check charges
  • Won’t pay collection agency fees for returned check charges
  • Avoid the embarrassment of checks returned due to insufficient funds
  • Protect your credit rating

Courtesy Pay is not a loan. Before using Courtesy Pay, we will first attempt to clear the item by using any Overdraft Protection plan you may have in place.

You will receive notification when transactions are paid using your Courtesy Pay benefit. Please note that we are not obligated to notify you before we pay or return an item or deny a transaction. The amount of any overdrafts, plus any applicable fees are due and payable upon demand. If we pay an overdraft with more than one (1) owner, each owner is jointly liable for such overdrafts and/or fees.

How do I sign up for Courtesy Pay?

Every checking account is automatically included in the Courtesy Pay program after 6 months of a satisfactory history. No application or additional signature is required.

How do I opt-out of Courtesy Pay?

At your request, your account can be removed from coverage of any future Courtesy Pay overdrafts. Call us or visit a branch to opt-out.

Disclosure & Opt Out Notice