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Online Banking & Bill Pay

Member Health and Safety

At On Tap, we are proud to be Member-Owned which allows us to put our Members first. We are devoted to continuing our commitment to create crafted solutions for our Members both in times of success and hardship. 
Your Deposits at On Tap Credit Union are Federally Insured 
With the current economic uncertainty, you can rest assured that your funds at On Tap are federally insured by the National Credit Union Administration up to $250,000 per member. Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs) are federally insured up to an additional $250,000. 
Learn more about NCUA insurance.
We will continue to monitor all situations daily to best serve our Members and support our community. Please take some time to review these helpful resources. 

On Tap Banking®

Access your On Tap accounts any time, from anywhere, from any device with On Tap Online & Mobile Banking.  
With these powerful tools, you can:
  • View e-statements
  • Pay bills
  • Track balances
  • Schedule transfers
  • Set alerts to remind you of upcoming transactions and keep you updated on account activity so you can feel confident that your accounts are secure.
Our mobile banking app gives you access to all of these services, plus you can access Mobile Check Deposit from your phone.

Just visit the App Store or Google Play to download the On Tap Mobile Banking app for your Android or iPhone.

Apple App Store icon(Opens in a new Window)    Google Play icon(Opens in a new Window)     

If you are an On Tap member and have never enrolled in online banking, sign up now for this convenient service.

Having trouble enrolling your account? Click here for our step-by-step instructions! 

Bill Pay

Access Bill Pay from your mobile phone.  To do this, you will need to download our mobile app.  Please see the instructions above or call us for more assistance.

From Our Handy Bill Pay Homepage Dashboard  on Your Mobile Phone, You'll Be Able to
  • PAY any person or company with one click
  • VIEW all payees, upcoming bills and payment history
  • ADD new payees quickly
  • SET up recurring payments for bills that are the same each month
  • SEE bill amounts and payment due dates with eBill
  • I'm having difficulty using online banking on my tablet or other mobile device.
    Most mobile banking issues can be resolved by using the mobile app on your tablet rather than a browser to access your account.

  • My Login ID isn't working.
    Login IDs are case sensitive, so first check to make sure your Caps Lock is NOT on.  If you cannot remember your Login ID, you must speak to a Communications Advocate in our Contact Center at 303-279-6414.  We may be able to help you recall your Login.  

  • Don't Forget!
    Sensitive account information can only be provided through a secure message in Online Banking or over the phone after you have been properly identified.

  • The Secure Access Code isn't working.
    If you request your Secure Access Code by text message, be sure to enter the six-digit code in the body of the message, not the 5-digit short number that the message was sent from.  If your Secure Access Code was delivered by email, be sure to check your spam folder.


At On Tap Credit Union, members are our top priority. Being member owned means we are lucky to focus on our members first. 
Here are a few things we are doing in order to further support the recommendations from the CDC and State of Colorado: 
  • Heightened cleanliness - from daily sanitation of surfaces and doorknobs to increasing hand sanitizer availability throughout our branches for Members and Staff.
  • Where possible we encourage you to minimize the handling of cash, but rather leverage ATMs, mobile deposits, Bill Pay, etc.
  • We’ve asked our staff to stay home if they are not feeling well and have eliminated business travel
  • In order to be proactive and exceedingly cautious we have decided at this time that our Annual Meeting will be held via video conference and over the phone, instead of in person. Look for details in your next statement and online.
Please visit the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website using the link below for more information on COVID-19 and how to best manage your response to the outbreak. 


Unfortunately, cyber criminals will utilize whatever opportunities they have to extract personal information from consumers during times of heightened concern. Criminals will prey on concerned people by sending phishing emails regarding COVID-19 intended to entice receivers to click on links they might otherwise avoid.
Please take some time to review this Consumer Advisory to review the latest scams related to COVID-19. 
The World Health Organization, Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies, and law enforcement agencies around the country have seen an increase in scams related to COVID-19. Scammers are posing as providers of in-home test kits or other financial assistance such as offering government assistance checks in exchange for personal information. Please do not provide information to these individuals as the government will never contact you in this manner nor is testing available in this fashion.
Protect yourself and what matters to you by staying diligent and mindful when providing personal information. 
When asking to verify your identity, On Tap Credit Union will NEVER ask for:
  • A full social security number
  • Full card numbers
  • A one-time online banking security access code
  • The CVV code or PIN for a card
For best practice: 
  • Do not click links or open attachments from senders you are unfamiliar with. 
  •  Confirm that anyone requesting personal information is from a legitimate source before providing information. 
  • NEVER provide login credentials or personal financial  information when responding to digital and email communications. 
  • When in doubt - double check. Independently verify websites by confirming and following their domains manually rather than following links or attachments. 
  • For additional best practices relevant to scams associated with the onset of COVID-19, please take some time to read through this alert from the Federal Trade Commission. 
The World Health Organization (WHO) has reported an awareness of fraudulent activity and phishing attempts involving cyber criminals attempting to secure personal information under the guise of emergency correspondence. In the event of fraud, you will typically be asked to provide private information like usernames or passwords or you may be requested to follow a corrupted link or attachment. 
Please visit the WHO website for more information on how they will communicate and best practices for keeping your information safe. 
For the most up-to-date alerts on current scams and fraud related to COVID-19, please visit our dedicated Fraud Alert page. 


For current members impacted by recent events surrounding COVID-19, we are here to help craft solutions that fit your needs and budget. Give us a call to discuss what options may be available for you. 

  • Flexible loan options 
  • Assistance with emergency financial relief, budgeting, loan deferment, and fee refunds
  • Debt restructuring
  • Free financial counseling
  • Increased debit/ATM card limits
No matter what your situation is, contact us today to learn more about how we can help. Give us a call at 303.279.6414 or connect with us online below. We are proud to serve our members and are ready to craft the solution that is best for you.

Business Account Relief Solutions

For current business members affected by recent events surrounding COVID-19, we have solutions in place. Please take a moment to read below and give us a call to discuss your unique situation in more detail so we can best help support you, your business, and your employees. 

Business Account holders, please be aware of the following changes enacted to assist in day-to-day banking needs: 
  • Minimum Balance Requirement Waived for all business checking accounts.
  • Increased Debit/ATM Card Limits for expedited access to extra cash when you need it.
  • Fee Refunds may be available upon request.
  • Debt Restructuring is available to help lower payment, to support reduced income, to avoid the loss of assets, and to help reduce stress.
  • Free Financial Counseling is available to preserve credit rating, to assist in avoiding the need to run up credit card debt, and to help reduce stress. Give us a call at 303.279.6414 to schedule your consultation or contact us online. 
For additional financial assistance and information on State and Federal opportunities: 
  • SBA Disaster Assistance Loans up to $2 Million are available. Please visit the SBA website here to apply.
  • Second Draw Federal PPP (Paycheck Protection Program) Applications and information for Colorado business owners can be found here. Additionally, the Colorado Enterprise Fund is now accepting applications for PPP first and second time loans, up to $250,000. Learn more here. For assistance and questions on PPP applications, please call Michael Shepherd at 303.215.4683 or email at
  • Visit the Colorado COVID-19 Business Resource Center by clicking here for economic relief updates and additional resources for Colorado businesses.
  • Navigate Legislative Changes Specific For You by reviewing and comparing your options using this interactive guide from our partner Paychex to better understand what to do, how to qualify, and where to go to get the best support for you and your employees no matter how your business has been impacted. 
  • Arvada Small Business Loans are available through the City of Arvada. To learn more about the Arvada Emergency Business Recovery Initiative and to apply, please visit their website by clicking here
  • Arvada Businesses can learn more here about the State of Colorado’s 5-Star Certified Business Variance Program and expansion opportunities for restaurants. 
  • Golden Small Business Loans are available through the City of Golden COVID-19 Business Recovery Loan Program. To learn more and apply, please visit their website by clicking here
We are here to help ensure your business can leverage every opportunity possible to help you and your employees during this time. For more information on how we can craft a solution that is right for your business please give us a call or visit our dedicated Financial Hardship page and stay tuned to our blog for regular communications and updates. 

Lending options and stimulus checks will be a major relief for many but budgeting and managing those emergency funds is key to sustained financial success. Here are some of our tips for maintaining your financial wellness and maximizing your relief funds. 

An honest budget helps you evaluate your needs, set limits on unnecessary spending, and allocate your finances responsibly so your priorities are always in line. Setting a goal is key to an effective budget. If you are able, keep saving for your unique goal or investigate your budget for opportunities to continue investing in your success. 

Some expenses may already be reduced due to changes in daily habits with social distancing in place, however, now may be a great time to see what items are draining your budget unnecessarily such as seldom used subscriptions or high interest debts. Free up your budget by paying down or consolidating high interest cards and cancel services or subscriptions you rarely take advantage of so your money can go where you need it most. 

Now more than ever we see how necessary it is to maintain a well prepared safety net. Don't wait for the next emergency to start planning for your future. Did you know you are not on your own when it comes to saving for the unexpected? We have savings account options to help you start building your emergency fund as well as options for those with existing reserves in place to ensure your money is always working to benefit you, even when you aren't using it. 

While we distance in proximity to one another we are encouraged to appreciate our local businesses and the unique impact they make in our neighborhoods. Support the local businesses that make our communities the best that Colorado has to offer and know that we will make it through this difficult time if we stick together. 

Connect with us to learn more about how you can best manage your budget or emergency funds by emailing us at or give us a call at 303.279.6414.

On Tap Member,

Being a Member-Owned Credit Union, you are our family and we want to reassure you that keeping our members and workplace safe is our top priority. Given the developing situation of the Coronavirus, COVID – 19, we are continuing to take proactive precautions and are providing numerous solutions. We will continue to monitor the situation and update our website or other Member communications.

In order to further support the recommendations from the CDC and State of Colorado, here are a few things that we are doing -

Safety & Health:

  • Heightened cleanliness, including daily sanitation of surfaces and doorknobs including hand sanitizer available for Members and Staff.
  • Where possible we encourage you to minimize the handling of cash, but rather utilize ATMs, mobile deposits, etc.
  • We’ve enhanced our sick leave policy and have asked our staff to stay home if they are not feeling well
  • We have eliminated business travel and all non-essential vendor visits to our locations.
  • Out of an abundance of caution, we have decided at this time our Annual Meeting will be held via video conference and over the phone, instead of in person. Look for details in your next statement and online.

Secure Funds and Financial Support:

On Tap Credit Union has numerous safeguards in place to ensure your funds are secure.

Should your family be impacted by COVID-19 and need financial support, we’re here to help.  Members of our team are ready to provide you with financial guidance, craft solutions and discuss arrangements. Our financial wellness and hardship assistance programs are always available to our members.

In addition, at this time we would like to remind you that we will never ask you for your information through text, phone or email, and this includes social security and pin number. As advisers, we’d like to remind you that fraudulent activity increases during emergency crisis and we want to be diligent and mindful before sharing information.

Anytime, Anywhere:

As the State starts to further reinforce social distancing, you can still access your On Tap accounts any time, from anywhere, from any device with On Tap Online & Mobile Banking.  

With these powerful tools, you can view e-statements, pay bills, track balances, schedule transfers, deposit checks and more.

Our local Contact Center (303-279-6414 or 1-800-770-6414) is always available to support your needs. The Contact Center is available from 8:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. M, T, TH, F, 9:00 a.m.-5:00 pm Wed. and 9:00 a.m.-1:00 p.m. Sat.    You can also make a request or ask a question via our secure contact us form.

In everything we do our commitment is to our Members and the Core Values of the brand we’ve built together.

Thank you for being a Member,


Tracie Wilcox

CEO/President of On Tap Credit Union 

Dear Members,  

The past few months have been some of the most challenging our beloved community has ever faced. Together, we continue to fight an invisible adversary – one that threatens our neighbors, our friends, and our family. The coronavirus has impacted everyone.
To begin, we’d like to send you our heartfelt wishes that you and your loved ones are all in good health. On Tap has been around for over 65 years and due to the loyalty of our growing membership, we remain financially strong and are poised to prevail through these unprecedented times.

Our resilient and dedicated team has worked hard to maintain the exceptional level of service you depend on. We want to thank them and our members for their ongoing flexibility which has allowed us to keep the financial support of our members moving forward.  

Furthermore, we understand your concerns around staying healthy and the current economic landscape. By leveraging our strong financial position, here’s what we are doing to support you.
Serving our Members and Employees:
  • Your safety and the safety of our employees remains our top priority which is why we swiftly realigned our business model within 48 hours, moving 75% of our staff to remote spaces and enacting several changes to the policy, procedures, and services that will help to ensure we are protecting your physical health just as much as we care for your financial health. A few of the changes include:
    • Enhanced cleaning at the branches
    • Requiring that members and employees wear masks
    • Taking temperature checks
    • Practicing six-foot social distancing
  • Providing financial assistance through times of crisis is the heart of On Tap Credit Union. Our teams have provided over $25 million in loan deferments and $350,000 in financial relief via the following solutions. These are still in place that you can leverage if you haven’t already:
    • Fee refunds for NSF (non-sufficient funds), early CD withdrawal penalties, and check or card payment by phone and online.
    • Removal of savings account transactions limits. You can now access money from your savings account more than six times a month. 
    • Debt restructuring in which we are modifying and refinancing existing loans in unprecedented numbers at record speed.
    • Short-term and long-term emergency loans with extremely low to no annual percentage rate.
    • Contactless loan closings which have resulted in over $80 Million in total loans that we have provided to you and your businesses.
    • Great rates have allowed us to securely support over $288 Million of your deposit dollars.
  • 24/7 access to the Online Banking and the Mobile platform is always a convenient and secure remote solution for you. The need for this has never been greater than during this time with over 500,000 transactions processed through our Mobile and Online platform.
  • Through all of this, we are still growing and have welcomed over 800 new members within the communities in which we live and serve in the first half of 2020, bringing our total membership to over 20,000. You can feel reassured that On Tap Credit Union is stronger than ever as we have reached a new high in asset size of $342 million, a milestone we are proud to achieve.

On Tap Strong:

At this moment in time, we are not just a credit union or a financial institution. We are people in the community helping each other. Here are just some of the ways we are helping during these challenging times:

  • Donating over $15,000 back into our local communities including support for over 40 local businesses. 
  • Reaching out to our Coors, CoorsTek, and Coors Distributing Company community immediately to share some of the financial support that is available to their employees whether they are a member of On Tap Credit Union or not.
  • Partnering with the City of Golden to assist with their local business funding assistance program.
  • Proudly sponsoring the Colorado Strong Project which assisted over 125 breweries across Colorado as well as front line workers across the state.
  • Hosting several virtual events to show our member appreciation and giving away over 120 gift cards (purchased from local businesses) to members and local community partners.
  • For the 10th year in a row we have been voted Best of Best Bank/Credit Union in Golden and we won for the first year ever in Arvada as well. Thank you for your vote of ongoing confidence in our team at On Tap Credit Union. 

We share these results with you in hopes that you know we are here to serve you and no one is alone in this. Our teams look forward to working alongside one another and conquering the lasting effects of this pandemic together with our members. Please do not hesitate to reach out and allow our team at On Tap Credit Union to craft a unique financial solution for you. To request assistance, please contact us online here or give us a call during regular business hours at 303.279.6414.

Each of our members has a unique story to tell. We want to hear it and help you write the next chapter, whatever that means to you. Be safe and remember that this will indeed pass.


Tracie Wilcox

CEO/President - On Tap Credit Union