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Your Money - Your Business

Remember when you decided to go into business for yourself? You knew you’d enjoy the freedom of being your own boss. But, you also knew it would be a challenge. Gladly, we’re here to help with the financial stuff, so you can take care of business.

We offer services that provide financial solutions for members growing their small business.

E-mail or call us 303.279.6414 or 800.770.6414 for more information.

Membership for Your Employees or Organization

Enhance your employee benefits package by becoming a Member Group. Credit Union membership is a benefit that your employees will value. Please contact us for more information.

SUCCEED at giving your business credit

Business lending requires expertise that’s why we’ve partnered with Centennial Lending, LLC. Centennial Lending is a Credit Union Service Organization that is fully owned and operated by credit unions that provides fast and friendly commercial, construction and lot loans to our members. All loan decisions are handled locally, giving you efficiency and optimal flexibility.

The staff at Centennial is experienced, with backgrounds in construction, commercial, and all phases of business lending. Centennial's staff has years of lending experience in the local market; providing valuable insight into serving your specific needs and in offering competitive rates.

Centennial is able to handle all of your business loans from start to finish.

We can help you get a 20-Year Commercial Real Estate Loan. New or refinance!

Let Centennial Lending help you grow your business with:

  • Commercial Mortgage Loans - For purchase or refinance of commercial real estate.
  • Term Loans - For longer term needs when financing residential rentals, commercial real estate and other non real estate business property
  • Commercial Lines-of-Credit - Fund day-to-day operations and meet cash flow needs.
  • Equipment Loans - Acquire additional equipment or take advantage of equity in existing equipment.
  • Commercial Vehicle Loans - Financing is available up to 100% LTV for cars and light trucks used as business vehicles.
  • Construction - Construction lines of credit for the construction of residential properties, commercial buildings and development projects.

In addition Centennial Lending provides all necessary support services:

  • Underwriting
  • Administration - We have years of experience in ensuring that construction projects come smoothly to fruition.
  • Professional Advice - Centennial staff is always available to answer questions.

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